What are your choices if you want American Airlines to keep, change or cancel a pay or reward ticket?

When buying a plane ticket with cash or loyalty miles, pressing the purchase button is frustrating. For most forms of fares, the costs to change or cancel will easily run into the hundreds!

We go into depth in this tip about payments and practices related to ticket holdings, adjustments and cancellations. Let’s begin with four very valuable tips:

Before cancelling or modifying a flight, hold off as long as you can. You may be entitled to a refund or change without penalty if American updates or extends the timetable or cancels the flight. If you book well in advance, the policy is particularly beneficial. The exceptions are if you are a part of the Elite level and payments are suspended or if you have an award ticket and choose to change the date but keep the same path. If these changes are made 21 days before departure, they are secure! And suggest a move to the same-day flight, which will cost $75 at most.

Before you book two one-way flights instead of a round-trip, consider the fees. For paying domestic flights, American charges a $200 change or cancel fee (it’s as big as $450 for travelling internationally). Per ride, the fee is paid! You will pay $200 if you adjust or cancel a domestic round-trip ticket. You will pay $200 for one – or $400 if you adjust or cancel two one-way domestic flights!

If you have an unusual situation like cancer, a family tragedy, or a natural catastrophe, call American. If you do not have travel delay or disruption compensation with your credit card or contract, American will be ready to waive fees and change your itinerary.

Consider cancellation or delay cover for your flight – see our excellent travel insurance tip!

Now let’s dive into the practices and rates for American Airlines.

Pay-hold options are available for paying tickets:

The 24-hour free hold option expired on April 1, 2016, but within 24 hours of booking, you can still cancel a ticket for a complete refund.

If you choose to get your ticket kept before purchase, during the booking process, select theĀ 

“Hold” option on the “Review and Pay” tab (the cost will vary depending on the type of ticket and the hold option you choose)

Up to a $450 charge ($200 for domestic and up to $450 for international travel) per flight plus any fare discrepancy would result in a modification or cancellation of American Airlines a paying ticket – and no waiver for Elite members

Any excess value will be adjusted as non-refundable fares are changed or canceled.

Award Tickets Retains, Modifications and Cancellations:

For most tickets, AAdvantage has a very generous, free prize hold scheme. Pass holding can be processed online or by phone (with a fee) which depends on how much you booked the ticket in advance:

Enjoy a 5-day lock from 15 to 330 days in advance

Enjoying a 1-day hold 1 to 14 days in advance

The keep allowance is just 2 hours when booked within 24 hours of departure.

We recommend that you check the terms of the ticket before booking a few special fares that could have different requirements.

For Executive Platinum members using miles from their record, any change and reinstatement payments will be waived… loyalty costs!

You will not be paid if you need to alter the dates of an award ticket or update more than 21 days before departure (with the same route),

You can pay a $75 adjustment charge on each ticket if the departure date is under 21 days; the $75 award processing fee for alterations is waived for Executive Silver, Platinum and Gold holders using miles from their account.

When, but not the award form of an award flight or upgrade, you need to change the origin or destination or airline:

On any ticket, MileSAAver awards pay a $150 shift charge.

Charges for AAnytime award change are deferred

Awards requiring travel on other carriers are subject to a $150 modification charge on each ticket.

If you need to make a modification that needs a certain form of reward, you will need to reinstate the ticket for $150 and issue a new award.

For Executive Platinum members using miles from their record, these shift payments will be waived for

You will get the miles restored to your account for a $150 fee if you need to cancel an award ticket or update, as long as the ticket has not expired; a $25 fee will be paid for each new canceled ticket with the miles returned to the same account

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Changes to Paying and Reward Flights Same-Day:

Alternative flight changes are possible for American Airlines and American Eagle in the US on the same day as your initial verified flight, Canada and the Caribbean, the Virgin Islands, and between New York (JFK) and London (LHR)

The cost for confirmed or international standby travel with the same departure and arrival airports, the same route and number of connections is $75 (domestic) and $150 (between JFK and London).

Standby is only valid when seats on the desired flight are not available and can thus not be confirmed; standby payments are automatically refunded if you are not accommodated on the flight on which you are waiting.

The charge of $75 is forgiven for:

Executive Platinum status of American Airlines AAdvantage and companions in the same record

Paying fares for Free Economy Class (Y fare), Corporate or First Class

Wrap-Up: The

When you are completely educated, it’s easier to press the purchasing button. In order to eliminate the possibility of two change costs, consider round-trip transactions and a more affordable choice for those who need last-minute changes to paid fares is the same-day change option ($75 versus $200 to $450).

The complimentary hold is a perfect choice for award tickets as you iron out your travel specifics and it is a welcome advantage that you can change the award travel dates without a charge more than 21 days before you fly! Loyalty pays, of course, with much of the fees waived on award fares for the Top flyers of AAdvantage!

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